October 6, 2009

Most Important Web 2.0 Technologies and Tools

McKinsey&Company has recently published the results of a very interesting survey on Web 2.0 technologies. The article published in McKinsey Quarterly highlights tools business find the most helpful. Equally interesting is the way McKinsey has made the results available. An interactive exhibit lets you explore the results and compare year-over-year results and trends.

My top 3 highlights:
1. The acceptance of blogs and social networking in the business world is just remarkable at level approaching the 50% threshold. Just behind them, a trio of tools - podcasts, wikis, and video sharing (not shown in the graphic) are also making headway in the business world.

2. Marketing folks are the group using Web 2.o tools the most at 73%. It's not so surprising when you look at the measured gains. Web 2.0 technologies increase marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction while reducing marketing costs.

3. The majority of organizations surveyed continue having faith in Web 2.0 technologies. 3 companies out of 4 (79%) will maintain or increase their web 2.o investment in the coming year.


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